Pink Peesey, Cowiemelon Gose

Pink Peesey,  Cowiemelon Gose

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This brilliant pink drink is brewed with a secret blend of fruits, vegetables, spices, local pink “Peesey” lake salt topped off with a tropical Nordic yeast and citrusy sour lactobacillus ferment.

Thus creating a whole new melon experience, the Cowiemelon Gose! Where we’re located in the Southern Yorke Peninsula “Cowie” translates to water, and this brew reminds us of some crazed Watermelon fruit cocktail gone terrifically right.

Oh and did we mention, IT GOSE DOWN EASY PEESEY! ...

Ah we couldn't resist the obligatory gose pun.

Tasting notes:

Sweet melon, berry and some citrus fruit notes are balanced with sourness and a touch of salt for the ultimate summer refreshment.

  • IBU: 8
  • EBC: Pink!
  • ABV: 4%

Availability: Seasonal (Summer)

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