Holy Harvest - Belgian Abbey Style Ale

Holy Harvest - Belgian Abbey Style Ale

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In Belgium they make specialty spiced versions of their renowned strong ales for the cold Christmas period. In Australia our cooler months are in the middle of the year, so we celebrate the style earlier on and age a little just for christmas. Hence the “Holiday Ale” title, a beer best served in your best beer glass whilst on holiday!

We harvested a little extra for this special seasonal ale!

Sweet butternut pumpkins were glazed in sugar and caramelised over days in the oven. Added to our double strength Belgian Abbey style ale. All balanced with our top secret pumpkin pie spice blend.

Tasting Notes

Extra complex flavours of dark caramel, pie crust, sweet pumpkin all tied together with a balancing and warming blend of spices.

  • IBU: 15
  • EBC: 30
  • ABV: 7.0%

Availability: April - November ( Cooler months)

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