Core Range

S.Y.P Ale, American Pale Ale
S.Y.P Ale, American Pale Ale
You can’t go past a classic, this expertly balanced pale ale is a tribute to the American Pale Ales that started this whole craft beer craze.
This isn’t your latest wacky DDH fruited NEIPA, the restrained use of classic ingredients let every ingredient shine brighter for a truly flavoursome yet refreshing experience.

All American hops display all the fresh orange, grapefruit and pine you could desire.
While the fresh Aussie malts lay the foundation offering sweetness to harmonize with the bitterness of the hops, thus creating the perfect crisp finish.

Tasting Notes: Freshly juiced grapefruits and oranges, mountain pine, medium malt character with hints of honey and caramel.
IBU: 38
EBC: 16
ABV: 5%
New Wave, Nordic Pacific Ale
New Wave, Nordic Pacific Ale
It's a brand new style of beer pushing the limits of flavour and sessionability at only 3.5%, this brew is a little beast!
Turbocharged with ingredients from the best of both worlds.
Tropical Aussie Hops display an array of flavours including big pineapple, passionfruit and mango. Tropical Nordic Yeast brings even more mango and citrus to the party and likes to stay out and play (in suspension) for all your juicy, hazy flavoursome goodness.
All tied together with golden Aussie barley malts, with the addition of oats, wheat and rye for added flavour, smoothness and complexity.
Paradise in a can of beer, for all times of year.

Tasting Notes: Big juicy pineapple, passionfruit and mango with subtle spice, honey, slight nutty malt character and extra creamy mouthfeel.
IBU: 25
EBC: 10
ABV: 3.5%
Jazzy Red Ale, Indian Red Ale
Jazzy Red Ale, Indian Red Ale
This full flavoured Indian Red Ale showcases the complex tropical fruit and berry medley from the magical Mosaic hops.
It’s deep red colour is thanks to the maltiest of malt-bills offering up enough caramel, bready and malty richness to tame the higher bitterness and highlight the dark-fruit qualities of the hops.

Tasting Notes: Mixed berries, tropical fruits, plums, figs, a touch of spice, rich malt, bread and toffee with a firm balancing bitterness.
IBU: 48
EBC: 27
ABV: 6%
Ethel Porter, English Porter
Ethel Porter, English Porter
Like the remnants of the Ethel Shipwreck found on the sandy beach near Cape Spencer on the Southern Yorke Peninsula, this variety washed up in our brewery in the cooler months and is here to stay. Rich, dark and bittersweet this luscious British Porter is now available year round for you to sink your teeth into. Best enjoyed slightly warmer to bring out the dark chocolate and coffee notes, and if you smell the slightest whiff of smoke that may not be your winter woodfire.

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, coffee, a touch of sweet smoke, rich malt character with some caramel all brought together with velvety mouthfeel.
IBU: 36
EBC: 67
ABV: 5.6%
Depot Ale, Kolsch Style
Depot Ale, Kolsch Style
A clean, crisp and clear Kölsch style ale perfect for summer or relaxing after a hard day's work. A lighter-bodied, sessionable all-rounder that is great for any occasion. Named after our brewery premises' which was originally a highways department depot.
IBU: 24
EBC: 6.8
ABV: 4.6%
Mid Harvest, Aussie Mid-Strength
Mid Harvest, Aussie Mid-Strength
A simple, clean, dry and crisp beer lighter in alcohol for when you want to stay and play longer. Made with locally S.A grown barley.
IBU: 12
EBC: 7.3
ABV: 3.%

Specialties and Seasonals and Tap Only Beers

Watsakraken, Nitro Stout
What’s crackin’? Well we’ve awoken the Kraken and she’s lip smackin’!
Inspired by the Scandinavian folklore tale of a fierce seabeast, we’ve managed to tame the beastliest of Norweigan “Kveik” yeasts into a stout as deep and rich as the story it’s named after. Bursting with sweet chocolate and underlying caramelized fruits, the brew is rounded out with a superb bitterness and a touch of Nordic spice.
...And just when you thought the story was over, we have have finished this epic tale with
smooth oats providing a silky and full mouthfeel, married with the heavenly creaminess of Nitro carbonation!

Tasting Notes: Rich sweet chocolate, complex caramel with hints of plums and figs, a touch of spice, all tied together with silky smooth oats and creamy Nitro.

IBU: 40
EBC: 77
ABV: 6.4%
Pink Peesey, Cowiemelon Gose
Pink Peesey, Cowiemelon Gose
This brilliant pink drink is brewed with a secret blend of fruits, vegetables, spices, local pink “Peesey” lake salt topped off with a tropical Nordic yeast and citrusy sour lactobacillus ferment. Thus creating a whole new melon experience, the Cowiemelon Gose!
Where we’re located in the Southern Yorke Peninsula “Cowie” translates to water, and this brew reminds us of some crazed Watermelon fruit cocktail gone terrifically right.
Oh and did we mention, IT GOSE DOWN EASY PEESEY!
...Ah we couldn't resist the obligatory gose pun.

Tasting Notes: Complex flavours of melon, and hints of tropical fruits, berries, citrus, this brew is pleasantly sour and briney with a crisp finish.
IBU: 8
EBC: Pink!
ABV: 4%
Farmers Gold, 100% Local Barley Draught
Farmers Gold, 100% Local Barley Draught
Welcome to the Southern Yorke Peninsula, barley capital of the world.
Land of Gold beaches, Gold times, Gold sunsets, Gold fields, Gold farmers and now Gold Beer!
Our local farmers are passionate about producing the finest quality barley, and it shows, in this 100% local Southern Yorke Peninsula barley brewed beer.

This is a no nonsense Draught, crisp, clean and refreshing with the freshest malt flavor around.
You can’t go past our local Draught, the flavour of the Southern Yorke Peninsula.

Tasting Notes: Fresh malt with subtle notes of bread, biscuit and hay, balanced by a hop bitterness that lends a crisp dry finish.

IBU: 20
EBC: 11
ABV: 4.5%